8 februarie 2012

"Why would you do such a thing..."

"to your vulnerable and in need of love soul?"

"No Iiiiiiii don`t wanna fall in love" :))
 Funny, isn`t it?
Are you still in schock?Can you believe it?
I miss my old heart.I miss my iced blood, my stone heart, my expretionless face, my forced smile, my dark eyes.
I don`t want to fall.I don`t want to walk with the stream. I don`t want to feel anymore that I  am separated  from my body, sleeping.... unable to think.
 Maybe I`m sick.

  Eths - "Crucifere"

  Hmmm...I don`t give a damn.I know that there are people , friends of mine who know about the existence of this blog [I told them! :))] but I will speak my mind.
 So, the thing is: I have changed.All of a sudden, I`m diffrent.I`m more open mindwed- a little bit too much I would say, compared to my old self.I`m not vulnerable.I`m laughing at myself in my face, and in her face.
I still like the same ...things.I haven`t chanegd my habbits.
I`m the same, I`ll be the same, no matter what.I still hate pink and I`m not girly. I have just melted...a little. I kind off like it. I think...

 Si, A., sufletul meu nu e "vulnerable and in need of love" :)) I`m a fucking aquarius! We are nazis! :))

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  1. you know my point of view of the horror with the scope thing but it seems that the aquarius is boiling and turning into a jew loving nazi...if you know what i mean.jpg