11 februarie 2014

Welcome to the good music night!

I am happy.
Listening to "hotel california" from my roommate`s computer.She has really great taste in music.
Today was a nice day ,after I have searched the whole day for articales about psycopaths and serial killers, at some point I went with some....buddies for a pizza.We tried to find a restaurant and we went about 3 hours in circles , one of my buddies started singing something about impossibility and we were constantly laughing and then I came back at home.And I went downstairs and talked with a friend and then solved my problems with another one.I hope so at least.I really did find someone interesting this time like one of those people whom you just can`t afford to lose.You just ..talk to such people, either you want or not, it all comes by itself.
And now I`m with my buddies in my room and we`re all laughing and one of my roommates started listening to Pink Floyd and everything is just so ...peaceful.I wish all days were like this.Just us, no intruders.Just the old ones, not those rude fuckers.And good music, I`m tired of all the hip-hop shit.
I actually like them and they`re ok, they can be nice.I don`t like the others >.>

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