16 martie 2014

Trust?There`s no such thing!

"Going to Hell" - The Pretty Reckless

I tought I stopped being naive, I tought that people were finally by my side, I tought they see things as they actually are,I tought they truly saw the bad character in the story but apparentely things are not always as they seem to be.Opinions are and will always be divided, people will always think from their own perspective,nobody truly gives a damn thing, everyone is for themselves, everyone is judgmental and selfish.
I didn`t trust people before and will not start trusting them now.I don`t have to, people lie, people are deceiving,people pretend and play the victim , why would I trust anyone? Once this person I truly and deeply despise told me something "Don`t trust anyone, don`t trust me, don`t even trust yourself."